Etnograhic museum The Old Nessebar

„The Old Nessebar“is an ethnographic museum in Nessebar. It is an exposition, hosted in a traditional house from the National Revival period. It was built by a wealthy merchant in 1840. This two story museum has photos and plans in the salon, which showcase the town’s remarkable architecture, such as the windmills and some emblematic Nessebar houses. Visitors can also see drawings left by travellers and painters, who have visited the city in the 17-19th centuries.
In the south room there are traditional crafts presented, such as for fishing and winemaking, with many nets and wine vessels presented there. In the bigger north room presents authentic customs of the native population of Nessebar, with interior, arranged in Greek house manner.  In the smaller north room, visitors can see the history and traditions of settlers from Macedonia with typical Macedonian and Thracian house traits recreated in small corners of the room.
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Messembria st., 8230 Nessebar, Bulgaria
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