Rehabilitation and modernization of the fishing port NORTH BUNA - Nessebar

It is now possible to start the construction and installation works for modernization of the Fishery Port North Buna - Nessebar.

The Mayor of the Municipality, Nikolay Dimitrov, thanked the institutions involved in completing the procedures. These are the Ministry of Agriculture - Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Program, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, the National Institute for Immovable Cultural Heritage, the Center for Underwater Archeology, the Maritime Administration Executive Agency, The Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture, as well as the municipal administration engaged in the implementation of these activities.

This project is extremely important for the residents of Nessebar. He is a good example of synchronicity between state and municipal institutions.

Old Nessebar is a vibrant town in which the municipal port enjoys fishing boats and boats and this is the main livelihood of the people of the peninsula, who rely on this base. The modernization of the gate will be carried out under constant archaeological supervision and with care for the cultural and historical heritage of Nessebar, as a city under the auspices of UNESCO.

The beginning of the construction and installation works is on March 26 at 10 o'clock. The project envisages optimizing the capacity of the existing port. Improving the conditions for catching, landing and selling fish for the first time will be ensured.

The investment will create a protected area for safe mooring of fishing boats and vessels, thus satisfying their need to provide adequate conditions for fishing.

The main goal is to improve the competitiveness and viability of enterprises in the fisheries sector as a traditional industry for Nessebar.

The implementation of the project will increase the energy efficiency of the port, will improve the protection of the environment and the quality of the products landed on land, as well as the quality of life in the fishing community.

TOTAL COST OF THE PROJECT: BGN 7,489,221.53 without VAT.