The Fortification Walls

These fortification walls are situated in Nessebar. During centuries, fortification walls and towers were built to protect Nessebar and make it into an impenetrable fortress. The first inhabitants on the peninsula were the Thracians. They started building these walls in the 8th century BC. From this period, a fortified wall and gate were found and can be seen today.
After the decay of the Roman Empire, Byzantine rulers started an active construction work in the middle of the 5th century AD. The built walls were in style “opus mixtum”- an alternation of bricks and stone.
Best preserved walls can be seen today near the city gate. The early Byzantine construction system was used in the middle ages as well. Due to enemy war attacks, part of the walls were destroyed, but then quickly rebuilt. After the Ottoman rule in 1453, the fortification walls lost their significance and strategic importance and were left in ruins.
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8230 Nessebar, Bulgaria
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