Flying Dutchman

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088 402 0796
Sunny Beach
Central alley 2, 8240 Sunny Beach
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4.4 of 37 votes
The Flying Dutchman is the hotspot for all Dutch people who love party and have loads of fun! It opens from 10 pm until 5 am. With its friendly staff and a cozy interior, The Flying Dutchman is an attractive lounge bar during the day where you can enjoy delicious burgers and Dutch snacks and in the evening an unforgettable party, whwere you can try your hand at beer pong! The Flying Dutchman has a capacity of about 300 people and there is no entrance fee. We can say that The Flying Dutchman is a real must-see if you are a real Dutchman!
Every day the DJs play different kinds of music, as long as it is party time! There are also dazzling LIVE performances by famous Dutch artists every week, so there is always something for everyone in The Flying Dutchman. 

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