Attractions and Activities

Film Museum

Sunny Beach
8240 Slanchev Bryag, Sunny Beach

Work time:
10 AM - 1 AM
Rating by users:
3.9 of 220 votes
Fim Museum is an attraction in Sunny Beach, offering you the experience of meeting and taking pictures with some of your most favourite movie characters as life-sized figures! If you want to see some original props from blockbuster movies, such as "The Mummy","Terminator","28 Weeks Later", "Ghost Rider", "The Chronicles of Narnia", "Harry Potter" and more. and authentic life-sized figures of some of the most rememberable characters in cinema such as Iron Man, Superman, Batman, The Joker and the Terminators from the movie, this is the place for you! See the gun Nicolas Cage has used in "Ghost Rider", The knife from "The
Chronicles of Riddick" used by Vin Diesel and much more! Get swept up in the magic of cinema and comics and experience a lovely time with your friends and family at the Film Museum!

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