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Restaurant Aqua Dreams

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Phone number:
+359 87 984 8758
Saint Vlas
8256 Saint Vlas

Work time:
10AM - 12 PM
Rating by users:
4.4 of 160 votes
Aqua Dreams is a restaurant in Saint Vlas, situated in the Aqua Dreams complex, just 100 meters from the beach and behind Casa Real complex. This family ran restaurant has been serving deliciously preprared meals for a lot of years and is being highly recommended by guests of all nationalities! Aqua Dreams offers dishes from European and Bulgarian local cuisine to bring you the most delicious meals. It offers a selection of wines, imported liquor and refreshing cocktails. Every night there is entertainment provided, such as a pool table, toys for the kids, a games of darts, karaoke and great music! This restaurant is also vegetarian friendly.

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