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Medical Center Sunnymed

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Sunny Beach
Next to Hotel Diamond Residence, Polyclinic Sunny Beach, fl. 1, 8240 Sunny Beach
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Sunnymed is a health facility in Sunny Beach for primary outpatient medical help and care. This medical center has modern equipment for full check-ups, guaranteeing the most-appropriate application of treatments. For the convenience of patients there is an office working 24/7. Sunnymed offers medical care such as running diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of ill patients, surveilance of pregnancies and pregnancy aid, and a laboratory, offering ultrasound diagnostics and monitoring, along with lab analysis. The doctors, available in this health facility are as follows:
- Dr. Ilonka Petkova, specialising in ear, nose, thoat
- Dr. Stanislav Ivanov , surgeon and general practitioner
- Dr. Lаchezar Kaitazki, a general practitioner and specialist in internal diseases
- Dr. Jivka Lehchanska, a pediatrician. 

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