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Medical Center Saint George

Phone number:
+359 888 514533
Phone number:
+359 887 772707
Sunny Beach
8240 Slanchev Bryag, Sunny Beach
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Saint George is a medical center in Sunny Beach, offering 24/7 intensive urgent care. This facility is equipped with professional and up-to-date equipment and provides medical care for tourists on the territory of Nessebar municipality. This medical center is situated in the central part of Sunny Beach and offers x-ray scans, ultrasound diagnostics, ambulances and necessary hospitalisation, with the doctors on site speaking english, german and russian. The available services in Saint George medical center are check ups,  urgent care, visits at home, a surgeon, ear-nose-throat specialist, a doctor in children illnesses, orthopedist, gynecologist and more. You are guaranteed the best care and careful diagnostics from highly qualified staff on site.

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