Guest House Sofia Stoyanova

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Phone number:
+359 896 123 123
Lyuben Karavelov 8 st., 8230 Nessebar
Sofia Stoyanova is a guest house in Nessebar. It is situated in close proximity to the beautiful South beach. Guest house Sofia Stoyanova offers comfortable rooms with air conditioning, a well-equipped kitchen area, a refrigerator, free WiFi, a television with cable TV, a balcony and a private bathroom. Guest house Sofia Stoyanova is situated in a quiet area in the new part of Nessebar. This makes it close to the shopping streets of the city, bus stops and the Old Nessebar, where guests can visit many historical sites, monuments and museums and learn more about the rich history of the peninsula. The rooms are cleaned each day and the hosts will make sure you have everything you need during your stay. Guest house Sofia Stoyanova is ideal for a peaceful vacation for families, friends and couples.
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