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between Ravda and Nessebar, 8230 Nessebar
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4.3 of 25 votes
Sofia is a 2-stars hotel, located on the first line of the Black Sea coast between Nessebar and Ravda. Visitors can enjoy a morning stroll on the warm sand and the beautiful sound of waves every day!

Hotel Sofia offers accommodation in holiday apartments and rooms, suitable for groups up to 6 people, family holidays and couples. The rooms are bright and cozy and include air conditioning, a private bathroom, a kitchen area and a balcony with a gorgeous view of the sea.

The hotel offers room service, a restaurant with delicious meals and a view of the sea, free parking spaces and Wi-Fi. It is in close proximity to restaurants, grocery stores, a bus stop, taxi and a children playground.

Enjoy a calm and relaxing stay, surrounded by the gorgeous beach and the gentle splash of waves. Book accommodation at hotel Sofia for your next summer vacation at sea!

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