Hotel owners in search of markets and travellers

It was believed that hoteliers on the Black Sea coast and in ski resorts in Bulgaria were kissed by luck. Our country has an amazing nature and a long season. The labor force is highly qualified and relatively cheap. We have wonderful natural food that foreigners like. Alcohol prices are low. Everything listed so far about tourism are factors of luck. We will add - the well-calculated luck. So, to be a successful hotelier, it was enough to be able to build a hotel, and it was as if the horn of plenty was coming down on you.

This is what it looks like for s.o. outside.

To sell accommodation requires hospitality, investment, forecasting, prudence and, last but not least, courage. Successful are those business ventures in which customers come back again.

To create a good organization - incl. many years of work with the same staff. Personally follow the whole process, especially in the first years. Personal acquaintances with clients, especially regular ones. Proving reliability to partners, building a positive image.

The pandemic put to the test and fried the travel industry. Businesses had to make decisions they were not prepared for. Many survived. Many "slept" their hotels. The word bankruptcy, alas, has become commonly used.

What will hotels and guest houses do? What is the rescue plan?

Here are these topics, with a very positive attitude, to be discussed.