Houses of the National Revival Period

The Houses of the National Revival Period are situated in Nessebar. They were established in the 18th century, when Nessebar went through an economic boom. This boom was expressed mostly in the renovation of residential buildings. These houses have two stories. Lower stories were built from stone and mud, where wines, the stock of fishermen and the stock of craftsmen were stocked. Stairs would lead to the upper floor, which contained big rooms for owners, guests and a kitchen.
Today, more than 100 houses were restored and represent the beautiful architecture of Nessebar. One ensemble of houses is situated around Ivan Alexander Street. Another can be found near the Old Metropolitan church. Nakov and Vardaliev’s houses are of great interest, especially Vardaliev’s, since it is the only three-storied house, both situated around the St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel Church.
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8230 Nessebar, Bulgaria
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