Hospitals and Emergency calls in Nessebar

SBR Nessebar- 087 686 9222 situated on “Han Krum” St.  Nessebar
This is a hospital, specializing in physiotherapy, electrotherapy, therapy, massages and rehabilitation with the most modern equipment available. It offers medical care for tourists and locals in Nessebar. For more information and booking an appointment visit the SBR Nessebar website:

Health House Nessebar Municipality- 055 443 155 situated on „Ivan Vazov“ 11 St.,
This health centre is situated in the new part of Nessebar and provides initial medical assistance. It offers medical aid and consulting rooms, along with specialists in dentistry, eye doctors, neurologist, phisiotherapist, veneral skin and dermatology specialist, surgeon, gynecologist, cardiologist, ear-nose-larynx specialist, endocrinologist, paediatrician and more. Additionally, there is an x-ray department and dental mechanic laboratories, along with first aid and chemo dialysis centre.