Taxi and Roadside Assistance

In case you have accidentally parked incorrectly and your car is absent, you can find it by calling this number for repatriation car type "Spider" Saint Vlas : 0893/505260

For taxi services-“Step Taxi Sveti Vlas” - 087 750 5567
- “Camelot Taxi Sveti Vlas” - 089 599 5999
- “Taxi Saint Vlas” - 087 890 0922

For roadside assistance
089 369 9654 for “Road Assistance” 
+359899115050 for roadside assistance of Auto service “Mania”
089 858 1858 for Road Assistance and auto service “Rachel”

Calling a taxi in Saint Vlas is a convenience.

In St Vlas the distances are short and you usually walk on foot. Transport is usually used in extreme cases and when necessary.

The distance to the center of Sunny Beach resort is between 3 and 4 km. It takes less than an hour to walk through a very pleasant environment. At the same time, if you are returning from a club event or meeting with friends, you will certainly prefer to call a taxi.