Beach and climate of Elenite Holiday Village, Bulgaria

Elenite beach is well maintained. It is different from that of Sunny Beach and Saint Vlas. It is covered with fine white sand, with a relatively wide strip and guarded. Beachfront hotels offer sun loungers and parasols. In some places, stone breakwater haс been built, thanks to which the sea gives way to people. Where the coast is steep, the surrounding hotels have taken care to ensure unimpeded access to the sea.

Tourists staying in more remote places move through a beautifully landscaped park space. For an overnight stay you can rent a family house as well as a room or an apartment in the numerous hotels. Some of the buildings have an exotic vision. This style was inherited from the very beginning in 1985, when the construction of the resort began.

The hotels in the holiday complex Elenite occupy a wide strip along the sea shore and only in places enter the forest. In recent years, buildings have begun to appear on the southern slope of the easternmost part of the Balkan Mountains.

Unlike the settlements known from antiquity and turned into places for summer recreation, Elenite is located slightly entering the sea. The small coves on both sides have shaped the beaches we have already talked about.

Open to the sea and suggesting wide waves, the resort is suitable for surfing, scooters, and other water sports. The calm waters, the smoothly descending bottom and the well-arranged beach are a prerequisite for family tourism.

The advantages of Elenite attract not only tourists here. Bulgarians and foreigners have chosen to acquire their own holiday property with year-round maintenance.

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