Israel resumed flights to Bulgaria

Israel has decided to resume flights to Bulgaria following an order from the Minister of Health to open the gambling halls and the casino at a capacity of 50%.

This is another proof of the connectivity in the economy. In this case, gambling, as a specific type of tourism, gives hope for saving an entire industry.

125 Israeli tourists have arrived at Varna airport, more flights are expected on Saturday. Most of them have been vaccinated. They are amazed why they are required to have a PCR test. In Georgia, for example, such a test is not required. Tourists will be accommodated in the Golden Sands resort.

Flights from Israel to Varna Airport are every Thursday and Saturday. This allows tourists to choose between 3-, 4- and 7-day packages.

Israel is a country where more than 5 million people have already been vaccinated. The incidence in the country is very low - only 0.2%.

"There were many tourists who once made a reservation for Bulgaria, when the date approaches, they change it with destinations where this additional test is not required. Each of them who came today will have to do 3 PCRs," explained the honorary. Consul of Israel in Burgas Orlin Mandov.

At Bourgas Airport, the first flight was postponed to May 13.

Sunny Beach Resort is attractive with the best casinos in Bulgaria. They have traditions, some of them have existed for more than 50 years.

Israeli tourists said they felt safe in Bulgaria. It is inexplicable for them why they have to do PCR tests, which are quite expensive in our country.