Museum of mosaics

The museum of mosaics is situated in Devnya. It was built on top of ancient foundations of a building with mosaics, ruined in the year of 250-251. The museum was built in traditional Greco-Roman architecture. Five of the rooms in the museum are covered with multi-coloured floor mosaics. They are one of the best examples of Roman mosaic art from that time, found in Bulgaria. The mosaics are made of small marble, limestone, coloured glass and baked clay squares.
The mosaics depict different scenes, characters and animals from the Greco-Roman mythology. Some of the mosaics there include the Gorgona Medusa mosaic, which shows goddess Athens’ shield adorned with the severed head of Medusa. Visitors can also see the Satire (Zeus) and Antiope mosaic, the Ganimed Kidnapping mosaic, Seasons mosaic and the Pannonian Volutes mosaic.
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+359 896 123 123
Pazarska st., 9163 Devnya

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10:00 - 16:00 Saturday and Sunday: Closed
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