Municipal History Museum

Municipal History Museum is situated in Tsarevo – the biggest museum south of Burgas. This cultural institution opened on the 6th December 2012.  At the museum, visitors can find exhibitions of archaeological finds, who date back to three millennia ago. Museum includes unique treasures from village Sinemorets, a silver coin treasure, found in 2012, where among 199 tetradrachms were extremely rare coins from the Thracian king Mostis. Until 1991, only 11 silver coins were known from this king, kept in collections in New York, The Hermitage and Paris.
Visitors of the Municipal History Museum can see a golden treasure, filled with Thracian jewellery from the 3rd century BC. At the museum there are exhibitions of private collectors as well. An ethnography department is to be established and be included in the UNESCO Representative List as intangible cultural heritage.
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+359 896 123 123
Peneka 12 st., 8260 Tsarevo

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8:00 - 17:00 Sunday: Closed
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