The Archeological Museum

The Archeological Museum is situated in Nessebar. It was created in 1965, with its first exposition being held at the St. John the Baptist Church. Later on, in 1994 the museum was moved  in a new building and the one you see today. There, you can see the exposition “Nessebar during the Ages“, where you can look at various cultural monuments, who tell the history of Nessebar during the Medieval times and Antic Messembria.
In the museum there are four  exhibition halls, with each hall having a theme. Hall one is “Messembria and the Thracians“, second hall – “The Pontic polis of Messambria”, third hall – “Messembria within Rome, Byzantium and Bulgaria” and a hall with icons. On the wall of the lounge you can find a diploma, certifying the entry of Old Nessebar into the list of World Cultural Heritage, accomplished in Florence, Italy on December 9th, 1983.
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Messembria st 2., 8230 Nessebar, Bulgaria
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