The projects that the Municipality of Nessebar is proud of

In the days before the start of 2021, the municipal administration of Nessebar announced to the residents the projects it is proud of. The aim is to create conditions for better education and care for the little ones.

Tourism is in focus too. The infrastructure of Sunny Beach resort is being improved to meet the Summer 2021 with dignity.

With co-financing from the Ministry of Education, the Municipality of Nessebar will expand Kindergarten Slantse in and will reconstruct the roof of the existing building in Sunny Beach resort. There will be new children's and nursery groups, a new music hall.

A modern training base of the Ivan Vazov Vocational School of Tourism is being built. The consolidation of the high school plot and project activities for a new school building are planned. Building staff for Bulgarian tourism is extremely important.

The Municipality of Nessebar takes care of improving the infrastructure of the resort complex Sunny Beach - West.

The municipal budget provides funds for the design of streets and alleys, sidewalks and parks in Sunny Beach. Underground containers for waste collection are being installed in a new ecological way, in accordance with the status of Sunny Beach as a world resort.
Streets and sidewalks were built around the stadium, and the area was completely finished and lit. There is a street and lighting in the areas of: Arkadias and Holiday Club; Viva Clinic and the nearby warehouse; Boomerang Hotel behind Vela Hotel; Grand Camellia and others.

There are already lighting poles around the Mladost supermarket. It is illuminated around Sundance Villas, the post office, etc. Repair and drainage of the road were carried out at the intersection of the Old Junction and the main road to Varna. A new street with parking spaces was built behind the Kokiche Hotel near the Ivan Vazov PGT. A street and a crossroads were formed in the area of ​​Aphrodite Palace and Passat.

The roundabout at the entrance of Sunny Beach is being reconstructed.

One of the most valuable assets for people living in Sunny Beach is the multifunctional building, which was built several years ago in the center of the complex. It houses: The pensioner's club; offices of the Municipal Administration - cash hall, where to pay local taxes and fees; GRAO office; cabinet for individual meetings of the citizens with the managements of the Municipality of Nessebar and the Municipal Council; the hall for collective meetings and events.