The Sea and the Others, Hemingway Style

The spring of 2020 brought challenges for all the hotels by the sea. The events came to them unexpectedly and only 2 months before the start of the summer season.

After hesitation, some hotels opened, others remained ghostly silent all summer. According to information provided by friends of, those who opened won. In addition to covering costs, they kept at least 50% of the jobs, and were left with enough money for some repairs.

Unlike flexible solutions at sea, restaurants and hotels in the country are looking for an external solution of the problems.

For the New Year Eve some hotels require a negative PCR.

The New Year's Eve usually fills the hotels in Velingrad - the SPA capital of Bulgaria. Amid global stress, owners and managers of accommodation facilities in the city are requiring negative tests for COVID-19.

The intention was announced by a representative of the regional structure of the Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs Velingrad and Western Rhodopes - Zlatko Zlatanov.

If the idea is accepted, the tests of all those arriving on site at medical points in the hotels will be made free of charge.

Across the country, hotels and restaurants are demanding the "closure of Bulgaria".

This request of BHRA in Veliko Tarnovo sounds quite extreme. Indeed, restaurants could be left to operate under certain restrictions. At the same time - bars, discos and nightclubs should be closed, because that is where the measures are not observed.

At the moment, hotels and restaurants have the right to operate. There are certain restrictions: food is served in the rooms, for example. Visitors are very few and operating costs are more difficult to cover. According to other industry representatives who used the time to reorganize, it's all a matter of business flexability. They do not expect their business to lie down and twist the hands of the state. In fact, the "customers" continue to finance them, paying compensation to restaurateurs. This weighs on everyone's shoulders, even those who do not normally visit pubs.

If the Minister of Health actually signs an order to close the activity of the branch, then this branch will be able to take advantage of some additional programs of the government. 

What about IT Branch?