The pandemic inspired the Bulgarians to rest

The pandemic destroyed the influx of foreign tourists and inspired the Bulgarians to rest

633 thousand Bulgarians in the country went on vacation.

The pandemic has ruined the influx of foreign tourists in our country, according to data from the National Statistical Institute for August. At the same time, there is not a decrease, but an increase in the number of Bulgarians vacationing in our resorts.

Those who spent the night in Bulgarian hotels, motels, chalets, etc. are 35.5% less than in August 2019, a total of 947.4 thousand people. For foreigners there is a collapse of 65.1%, while for Bulgarians there is an increase of 11.7%. 633 thousand Bulgarians went on vacation, writes. Their nights are on average 3.2. 314.4 thousand foreigners stayed longer, an average of 4.8 nights. 74.5% of them preferred 4 and 5 star hotels. 39.4% of the Bulgarians who spent the same month stayed in such places. 18% of foreigners and 26.6% of Bulgarians rested in three-star hotels. 7.5% and 34% stayed in one- and two-star accommodation, respectively.

In August, 2,896 hotels, motels, chalets, etc. operated in Bulgaria. accommodation with more than 10 beds - by 14.6% less than in August 2019 - with a total of 115.8 thousand rooms and 258.2 thousand beds, by 20.7% below their number from August 2019.

The total bed occupancy this August was 44.6% and decreased by 19.7 percentage points compared to last. The highest occupancy of beds is in hotels with 4 and 5 stars - 55.3%, followed by accommodation with 3 stars - 41.1%, and with 1 and 2 stars - 32.6%.

The total number of overnight stays in August 2020 was 3 545.9 thousand, or by 44.7% less compared to the same month of the previous year. The largest decrease in overnight stays (by 52.9%) was observed in 3-star accommodation.

Revenues from overnight stays in August 2020 reached BGN 198.7 million, or by 47.4% less than in August 2019. There was a decline in revenues from foreign nationals - by 65.2%, while from Bulgarian citizens there was an increase - by 21.2% .