Season 2021: Bulgaria will enter the green zone

The Summer season 2021 depends on whether Bulgaria will guarantee healthy environment and enter the green security zone.

The hotels in Sunny Beach and Saint Vlas are preparing for the summer. Most of them are even ready to open in April. This year they will rely exclusively on tourists who will make Last Minute booking.

Digital technologies have transformed many processes in travel industry - marketing and advertising, reservations, even walks and excursions. Still, hotels cannot welcome tourists virtually. Their business is to provide accommodation with certain features and services on site.

In the current tourist year, in addition to the quality of services, the focus of any advertisement will be the safety of accommodation, security and human health. We must focus our efforts on Bulgaria entering the green zone. This is an absolutely necessary condition for the summer season to be successful. The sea, the beach, the exotic experiences and the sun are no longer enough to attract tourists.

Representatives of travel industry, marketing specialists and institutions focus on this opinion. We all hope that the 2021 season will be stronger than 2020. Last year, the pandemic was already a fact. The stress of the UnknownNewSituation has stopped the flow of tourists around the world. This year, the situation has remained almost the same. However, there are several effective vaccines, the measures to be followed are clear, the virus is already known.

Calm and secure. These are key factors for the attractiveness of hotels - to be perfectly clean, the staff to be immunized. It is highly recommended to accept that those occupied in tourism should be a priority group and provide immunization ASAP.

According to experts, this year hotels will rely exclusively on Last Minute bookings. Even those nationalities, that are used to plan their summer vacation a year and a half earlier, hesitate. This applies to all destinations, not just Bulgaria.

The formal rules for the opening and operation of tourist sites for summer 2021 are clear and coordinated with the World Tourism Council and the WHO.

Finally, there are topics that are still open. How to treat people immunized with vaccines that have not been yet approved in the EU. Are they considered vaccinated? This is especially true for the labor force coming from the former Soviet republics.

The question to open or not still exists for some owners of large hotels. This occurs second year in a row still. If they do not start the season, there is a great danger that a certain hotel will permanently lose the opportunity to work in the future.

The initial investment to open each season is really large. These are amounts for some initial provision, for repairs and cleaning, for payment before the season. The only possibility is to have a decent flow of tourists to provide the money flow.

The team has set itself the ambitious task of contributing at least a few ideas for a better Summer 2021.