The main street of Sunny Beach

The main street of Sunny Beach.

In the memories of representatives of several generations, the Sunny Beach resort is an avenue several kilometers long - from Nessebar to the foot of the hills behind Saint Vlas. When you travel in this direction - on the right is the sea with the hotels built next to it. All buildings are surrounded by greenery and trees - like in a park. This place once had fruit trees and vineyards, almost to the beach. To the left, the view floats along Stara Planina and the heights above Kableshkovo.

Cars and buses - city and intercity - moved along this avenue from time to time. Everything looked like one huge largo, artistically speckled with the paintings of street artists.

Today the situation is completely different. Supermodern complexes alternate with cozy family hotels. Nightclubs adjoin party pubs. And everywhere people, people, people - left care far behind care and stress.

The main street of Sunny Beach narrowed and became like "Stamboliyski" in Sofia, but 3 times narrower.

As a good steward, the Municipality of Nessebar presented the first stage of the project for the extension of Parva Street in the Sunny Beach resort. Lighting in the same area will also be updated. The upcoming extension of the western part of the street lane will be implemented in three stages. The first is from the bike between Sunny Beach and Nessebar to the bridge on the Hadzhiyska River. The finished project will be processed. Design work is underway on the second and third stages of the street.

In all probability, one more street will be built, parallel to the main one, which starts from the beginning of the industrial area of Nessebar - at the roundabout for the "Cherno More" district (passes behind the stadium in the direction of the "Mladost" supermarket) and will be parallel to ul. "First". It will be an alternative thoroughfare for traffic in Sunny Beach. The aim is for it to absorb part of the traffic in the resort.

The development of Sunny Beach - West is one of the main tasks that the Municipality of Nessebar has set for itself. In the current year, the local government has allocated funds for the construction of streets according to a prepared and approved project. Ongoing repairs will also be carried out on compromised road sections.

The municipality of Nessebar will continue to invest in the improvement of the largest Black Sea resort in Bulgaria by renovating existing and building new infrastructure facilities.