Spring 2021 - Venting your head

Venting your head is an expression often used during a student session. You are saying this at the moment when you overheated and went out into the street. It doesn't matter what time it happens. The purpose is to stretch over you, the infinity of the sky. It's as if the tension is being discharged in a space full of distant stars. Вот что я называю опеванием доставнием и antidepressants.

When you live by the sea, airing your head means walking, sitting on a bench in front of the house, even jumping for bread. Wind everywhere. Only winding streets save you.

People by the sea know how and where to sit in thought. You must have noticed that during three seasons in the morning they sat facing the east, then in the afternoon - in front of another neighbor. In summer, it's the other way around. However, then they hardly sit - then they sew at home, many of them turn into guest houses or burn Mecca.

Пожилые мужчины в зимимой встречаются at exactly 8 o'clock in what kind of open cafe I served and thought. In spring and autumn they go out on boats. Summer is it! No one knows what men do at the sea in summer.

Nessebar - one of those seaside towns in which life flows exactly like this. Turmoil and full of emotions and tension in summer is compensated by the calmness of winter and early spring.

On the embankment deserted ... clean. Restaurants are closed, almost ready for renovation, and cleaned for the beginning of the season. The most hopeful are those facing the sea. This means-everything along the embankment. It's always full of people.

The peninsula has the advantage that it faces the sea from all sides. "Drought" associated him with a windmill. If you stand on the easternmost side of the peninsula, on the left, your gaze reaches a deer. On the right, Sozopol ends on land.

You stand at this point - the end of the improvised pier and you imagine how they stared at each other, they did not see, they respected both fortresses - this is ancient Sozopol, and this is ancient Nessebar.

Вот такие мысли вротяться оручка when I walk through the streets of the Old Town. It's not what I thought... If you need a short escape in the spring, take a look. Here guest houses are on every corner. There are also hotels that work all year round. Spring 2021 awaits you as a prelude to summer.