Tourists will enter Bulgaria: with a vaccine, a test or a document for recovery Covid 19

Bulgarian government will extend the epidemic until May 31. During a working meeting with representatives of the tourism industry, the measures for the upcoming summer 2021 season were discussed so that the season would be successful and Bulgaria would be a competitive destination.

Clear rules for the entry of tourists into Bulgaria will be provided.

Vaccination of workers in the field of tourism has already begun.

We are ready to start the summer tourist season, we have already launched the campaign "Safe Summer 2021" and at the moment everything is loaded on social channels.

This was stated during a meeting with representatives of the largest tourist associations and tour operators in the Bulgaria.

"The Ministry of Tourism has adopted uniform rules that will apply to all places of eating and drinking and accommodation." said Minister Nikolova.

The Deputy Prime Minister thanked Prof. Dr. Kostadin Angelov for the exceptional dialogue. "We are ready to present a Protocol for entering the country and it will be agreed with the health authorities and the chief state health inspector,".

The Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov reminded that a month ago a meeting was held with the representatives of the tourism industry on the topic of the opening of the summer 2021 season, at which two commitments were made. "The first was to prepare such rules for entering our country to be competitive with our neighboring countries in order to save Bulgarian tourism and this year to have a better season," said Angelov.

During the meeting Prof. Angelov clarified that 3 options for entering the country are being discussed
- with a vaccination certificate,
- with a negative PCR test or with a negative antigen test,
- with a document for illness passed within the last 6 months.

"After we extend the emergency epidemic situation, from May 1, the country will be able to enter in three possible ways," Angelov stressed.

(*) The first method will be a vaccination certificate, which will certify that the immunization of the citizen has been completed with a vaccine that is recognized by the World Health Organization. "These are the vaccines that are used in the European Union, the Chinese vaccine, the Russian vaccine," said Minister Angelov.
(*) The second way to enter Bulgaria will be with a negative PCR test or with an antigen test. "Specifically for antigen tests, there is an EU list in which tests are certified and recognized by certain manufacturers with the highest reliability, specificity and sensitivity," said the Minister of Health.
(*) The third possible way to enter the country will be with a document for recovery of COVID-19 in the last 6 months.

"The second promise we made to the tourism industry was from the beginning of May to start vaccinating all those who work in the field of tourism," said the Minister of Health and informed that the vaccination of representatives of the sector from Varna has already begun. The process is also taking place in Burgas region, so that all those who have applied will be vaccinated from the beginning of May. "In this way we will ensure safe work of all employees on the Black Sea coast and in the country,".