Strategy for tourist summer 2021 in Bulgaria

Hotel owners on the North Black Sea coast are afraid of problems in 2021, if the business policy is not urgently changed and the government does not support the tourism industry with additional funds.

In Summer 2021 the travel industry will rely on Bulgarian tourists. They discovered Bulgaria as a destination last year.

The desire to expand the active season - before and after the summer season. The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is suitable for sea sports from April to the end of October. In 2020, the sea was suitable for sports until the end of December and this has been notified.

Opportunities for alternative tourism. In addition to sunbathing, our seaside resorts have unused capacity. The transport infrastructure, especially from Sunny Beach resort to Bourgas, and from there down to Sozopol and Lozenets, has been renovated. Bypass routes, 4-6 lanes with highway quality, shorten the time by half to get from place to place. Thus the riches of the mysterious Strandzha and the preserved way of life of the surrounding villages become close.
Visit them.
Exactly this part of Bulgaria is rich in archeological sites - visit them, enter the museums, ask the locals. Do everything you will miss if you focus only on the beaches.

Planning, of course, is difficult. Over the past year, it has bordered on prediction. The importance of  Last Minute, as last-minute compensatory offers are called, is expected to increase. partners have prepared interesting suggestions and ideas for you.

Charter flights are not yet organized for the summer, which makes the planning impossible for the summer season. The hotel industry expects the government to introduce measures to save tourism. Financial vacation for loan repayment, rescheduling of local fees and taxes. The measures that have been introduced so far are not eligible for use by hotels on the Black Sea coast, as they operate seasonally.

At the same time, positive trends are reported. The main thing is to increase the quality of tourist services. This begs the question: was it necessary to declare a global pandemic for this to happen?

So, in the first days of 2021, with a view to the Summer, the team of our project calls you: follow the offers and organize your vacation on the Black Sea coast. We are here to help you do it.