Transport and logistics

Transport is the circulatory system of a country.

The southern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is magnificently developed. Roads are maintained, new ones are built, incl. transit. In this way, every corner of the sea became accessible. The Trakia highway provided an opportunity for a quality leap. Tourists heading to the sea reach Bourgas, Sunny Beach and Nessebar in between 3 and 4 hours.

If you leave Sofia after work on Friday, you will be on the beach in the light - between 8 and 9 in the evening. Only 3 hours later the real nightlife begins at sea.

The town of Nessebar has a potential that is hard to fit in our imagination - an incredible combination of historical and sea tourism.

Nessebar is only 35 km from the center of Bourgas and 429 km from Sofia. The road between Bourgas and Sofia is widened with highway characteristics. It is planned to be the beginning of the dream Black Sea highway. There is a regular bus line between the regional center and Nessebar. Most tourists and locals prefer private cars.

If you travel on this route you almost do not feel the transition from one village to another. For those who are just travelers - along the road there are several wineries where it is worth stopping by for stocks during the holidays or weekends.

The fastest transport to Bourgas is by plane. The flight from Sofia Airport is about 40 minutes. The feeling is that the plane rises and immediately begins to descend. Bourgas Airport accepts flights throughout the year. Decide if you want to have 3 hours more at sea.

The Burgas railway station is magnificently organized - the end point of each railway route. It is a real object and is sung in the songs of cult artists. From and to the railway Burgas station trains travel to all directions in the country.

The city and intercity bus transport in Nessebar are very well developed. Transport companies offer connections to almost every part of the country. There are lines that will take you to Istanbul, Kavala, Dubrovnik, Bucharest and beyond.

On the territory of the municipality of Nessebar - around the peninsula, the port of Nessebar was built. Its importance is regional and is important for fishing and tourism. It is used exclusively for passenger transport and recreational tourist trips. There are two berths and a sea station with border checkpoint and SEC.