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Cape Emine

Cape Emine is located 54 km north of Burgas and 79 km south of Varna. It is a majestic rocky formation, rising almost 60 meters above the Black Sea. When you stand on its top you can observe our coast, full of small bays and rock formations. Along the cape there are rocks that rise at more than 250 meters from underwater. This makes the coast along Cape Emine dangerous and is being avoided by sailors.
There is a white lighthouse at Cape Emine that directs ships to the Gulf of Burgas. In the area of the cape are remains of a medieval monastery and fortress Emona. To the north is the protected area of Irakli, and the beach between Cape Emine and Irakli is considered one of the most beautiful ones on our coast. A legend surrounds Cape Emine, which states that at sunrise the waters along the cape turn red because of a girl who sacrificed her life in grief for the sailor who abandoned her.
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