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Kamchia Reserve

Wonderful place to visit during your summer holidays at the Black sea coast in Bulgaria - Kamchia Natural Reserve.

Kamchia Reserve is located 25 km south of Varna and about 70 km North from Sunny Beach. It stretches along the lower reaches of the Kamchia River, near the Black sea.

Kamchia was declared a reserve in 1977 due to its important ecological significance. It is included in the world network of UNESCO biosphere reserves, where some of the most important ecosystems on the planet are protected. There are over 245 species of higher plants and 258 species of birds in the forests of the Kamchia reserve, as the Via Pontica migration route passes through it.

Some of the rarest birds in Europe, such as the orco falcon, the black stork and the little bald eagle, as well as many others, breed in the Kamchia reserve. The waters of the Kamchia River are inhabited by 39 species of fish. You can enjoy the beauty of the reserve by taking a stroll on the marked paths there.

Welcome to Bulgaria! The beauty of our nature will make you come again.
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