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Varna and Aladzha Monastery

Visit Varna and walk down its beautiful streets. A great idea for all families and friends is visiting Varna's Dolphinarium and seeing the Dolphin show. This is the only dolphin facility in Bulgaria and one of the most popular attractions on the Black Sea coast. Visitors have the opportunity to meet adorable, well-trained, intelligent and playful dolphins. Ideal for kids and for all ages, and be prepared to make friends out of these cute mammals.

The Aladzha Monastery is the most famous medieval Christian cave monastery on the Black Sea coast. It had an active monastic community during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, starting from the 12th century until the 18th century. The monastery consists of two levels carved into limestone rock. The first level has a monastery church, monastic cells, a kitchen and a dining premise, along with a small cemetery church, a crypt and premises for farming. On the second level, there is a natural cave, where in its eastern end there is a monastery chapel.
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