The Windmills

These windmills are situated in Nessebar- an emblematic part of its cultural heritage. Alongside revival houses, windmills were also built during the 19th century. In the present, only three windmills have been preserved. The first one is situated in the middle of the isthmus. The second one-on the north coast of the Nessebar peninsula. The third one can be found at the beginning of the new part of the town.
Two types of windmills were built in that period. Some of the windmills were built from stone and have a more cylindrical shape. Their roof was usually a wooden one in a cone shape. Others had a cylindrical ground floor, made of stone, and above it is a wooden room, in a rectangle or square shape. Here, the roof is two-sloped. These windmills were built to always face where the strongest winds are.
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8230 Nessebar, Bulgaria
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