Archaelogical museum Sozopol

This archaelogical museum is situated in Sozopol, in the old part of the city.  This museum was created in 1961. Archaelogical expeditions in the area reveal numerous artefacts and objects. These marvelous objects tell the history of the Black Sea coast. They trace the development of the spiritual and material culture of the population that inhabited the territory of Sozopol from the 5th millennium BC to the 17th century – for more than 25000 years.
The most fascinating collections there are of the stone and lead anchors and bayonets, ancient Greek vases, along with an alabaster coffin, where the relics of St. John the Baptist have been kept for centuries. Additionally, there are rich collections from the 6th century with medieval amphorae. This archaeological museum prides itself with artefacts, found in the times during the rule of Tsar Ivan Alexander (1331 – 1364) and during the time where Sozopol was in possession of Byzantium.
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square Han Krum 12, 8130 Sozopolz

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9:00 - 18:00
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