Taxi in Sunny Beach

Information and telephone numbers of taxis in Sunny Beach summer resort. Order taxi services:

“Camelot Taxi Sunny Beach”- 089 599 5999
“Step - Taxi” - 0887 750 5567
“Royal Taxi Sunny Beach” - 088 659 0019
“Taxi Sunny Beach” - 087 882 2888
“Sunny Beach Taxi” - 087 710 7766.

No doubt about the fact that taxi services are among the important elements of nightlife.
What is a disco or bar, if all the time you just watch others have fun. This usually happens to the one who has chosen to be a driver. Here you are supported by taxis in Sunny Beach - a convenient way to move from the party to the cozy hotel room.

Taxis are also convenient during the day. The distance from the shopping centers of the seaside resorts to the hotel is not great. Imagine having to walk about a mile with the shopping bag at noon. Calling a taxi is what the city man thinks of first. This saves time, saves physical strength, which we will need afterwards for the evening entertainment.

And so! Remember the phones above of the more famous taxi companies in Sunny Beach.

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