Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is the traditional resort for summer holiday of Bulgarians and foreigners. What makes it so different from any other places is that the exact time when it was constructed is well known. Even the date of when the first visitors arrived is well known. More Information

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Geographically and administratively the resort is situated in the Municipality of Nessebar, district of Burgas. The airport is situated 20 minutes away from the resort. Burgas is 5 minutes further from the airport. From the district town you have easy access to the Railway station and the Port of Burgas. A lot of bus lines can take you away to the nearby cities and the other end of Europe. The highway provides a quick connection to Sofia. A quick connection between the highway and Sunny beach is to be constructed soon.

When we're talking about Sunny Beach in your mind you can imagine a colorful croud of smiling people. They are moving along a huge park where the hotels and entertainment, the popular fashion brand shops and art-ateliers are opened.

The road from the beach to the air-conditioned room is full of shady streets. The temptations are everywhere. The mood is grading - the apathy of the morning, taken away by the coffee and the cold sea waves, transforming to lunch, followed by the classical siesta and the bursting of the sunset over the nearby mountain hill.
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