Choose Your season to stay

If you are willing to visit Sunny Beach, you have to investigate what are the attractions, hotels, restaurants and plan your trip. The resort is suitable for summer vacation from the beginning of the month of May until the mid-October. The sea is calm, excluding the second half of August.

The months May and June, and in some years even April, are the preferred time by the scandinavian tourists for a holiday in Sunny Beach. During this time of the year a lot of sport camps are being organised. At this time of the year the people who are having a vacation are fans of the spring romance and empty beaches. The water is still much colder compared to the sun rays on your skin.

The months July and August are a real hot summer in Sunny Beach. Young people, people of average age, parents and children - the good vibes are everywhere. The beach discos are full of people. The world-known DJs are mixing their sets. Even the chalga rhytms are not as bothering. This is YOUR TIME, if you enjoy the summer noise.

Here comes September. The first two weeks are dedicated to the families who live in Bulgaria. They have missed the summer heat, the crowded streets and are giving their holiday as a gift to the young ones. To be on the beach right before the start of the school year is more than wonderful. During September in Bulgaria there are 2 national holidays.

The hotels and restaurants in Sunny Beach know those September secrets and do not hurry to close down their objects. This period can continue until the mid-October. The weather in Sunny Beach does not step away from the one on the northern Greek coastal area.

Stara Planina Mountain stops the cold north winds. The sea still gives out warmth and expects the fishermens' boats, who have cuddled on the marina. The people are slowly calming down and turn to the winter phase - the time of fishing and the popular Nessebar table. Don't miss out to touch the winter sea at least once in a lifetime!

This is the end of our trip into the seasons. Choose the right time for you and Sunny beach will be thankful!