Nessebar - eternal as the sea. It was formed more than 3,200 years ago on a small peninsula, separated from the mainland by a narrow isthmus. The town is among the oldest live in Europe. Many nations have passed through here. Every great civilization has left its mark. Nevertheless, the place has retained its appearance and romantic spirit. The old town of Nessebar is included in the List of World Heritage Sites. More Information

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You will learn more about the history of Nessebat in the special section dedicated to the town.

Nessebar is a municipal administrative center. Within the Municipality there are 3 towns and  11 villages. The emblematic sea resort Sunny Beach is also on the territory of Nessebar municipality.

Tourism and fishing are the two main activities of the population. Agricature is alse well developed. Almost every house rents rooms, or there is a restaurant located on the ground floor. In the Old Town the hotels are predominantly family type, with magnificent sea views. The large hotels are located in the New Town, where are both beaches of Nessebar - North and South are located.

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