To reach Sunny Beach by car

One of the advantages of Sunny beach is that you can reach it by car, sea or air. Situated 30km north of Burgas, the resort uses the advantages of the fast growing city.

Burgas is connected to Sofia via highway Trakia A1 - the trip from the town to the Bulgarian capital lasts around 3 hours.

The trip from Burgas to Sunny Beach is between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on your road choice. In the last years a lot of improvements to the transport scheme has been done. The road is now outside of the cities of Pomorie, Aheloy and Kableshkovo. The toursists who have visited the resort prefer to take the highway exit from Karnobat and to reach the sea by the picturesque inland roads and this has it's charm.

In the near future a new road that connects the highway with the road from Burgas is expected to be constructed. This will make the trip from Sofia to Sunny Beach even shorter than now.

The Romanian tourists use the road from Varna and Shumen. The highway connection between Burgas and Varna in the future will bring more Romainan tourists to Bulgaria. This will be also an advantage for the Bulgarian citizens of the North.

For the Serbian citizens and for the visitors coming from Greece the road that should be used is the highway. The people coming from Turkey - no matter which border point they're going to use: Malko Tarnovo or Lesovo, the time to reach Sunny Beach is around 2 hours.