Sunny Beach - from Elenite to Pomorie

The heart of the resort is situated in the a wonderful bay with naturally drawn borders. Throughout the years the village areas and the small inhabited areas of the seaside have formed Sunny beach into an exotic zone for rest spreading across 20kilometres. Unlike other places in the world, the individuality is preserved. At any time you are aware if you are in Nessebar or Ravda, Elenite or Kosharitsa or within the classical resort borders.

Nowadays one's understanding of Sunny beach is of a megapolis resort. You start from Elenite and reach Pomorie or Burgas or even Sozopol. This is the feeling when you're enjoying the picturesque nearby hills. The magnificent blue sea, the golden dunes and the white hotel band and the grapeyards spreading to the mountains as if the waves have intentionally created that and let people live on in this space. At north and south there have been formed two natural SPA areas - the last hills of the Stara Planina Mountain, reaching the shores and further from Ravda - the Pomorian Saltfactory.

This is where another world begins - the one of the daily worklife.