Beglik Tash, Strandzha Mountains

Beglik Tash is a natural landmark located 5 km away from Primorsko and at the foot of the Strandzha Mountain. Its name comes from Turkish and means tax stone. It is defined as the earliest Thracian sanctuary discovered to this day on the Black Sea coast. It was opened in 2003. Studies prove that human activity was in full activity at the site of this natural landmark at the end of the Bronze Age (13th century BC). Beglik Tash consists of large pieces of rock that are partially processed and installed, as well as stone slabs and blocks arranged in remarkable shapes.
During the excavations of 2003, materials were found here, which prove that Beglik Tash was the site of a long-functioning Thracian sanctuary from the 14th century BC. to the 4th century. It is called the  "Bulgarian Stonehenge" because of its function as a temple, sundial and calendar. Due to its location near the ancient city of Ranuli, Beglik Tash is considered by archaeologists to be a magical place. To this day, this Thracian sanctuary is one of the most visited natural landmarks, which enchants its visitors with its unique structure, mystique and breathtaking views.
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