Guava Beach Club

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088 228 4180
Sunny Beach
Beach Road 3, 8240 Sunny beach
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4.4 of 460 votes
Guava Beach Club is the number one go-to place for hosting party events on the beach! Opening at 9:30 AM until 2 AM with its exclusive one of a kind parties, it knows how to pull the best and biggest crowds! This beach bar offers you an unforgettable party experience with great cocktails and drinks, which you can enjoy on beanbags on the beach, delicious snacks and lemonade, and a relaxing time in the smoking shisha, Guava Beach Club is the exact place for you! It has one of the most rememberable and fun party events called Blue Moon, which is a evening event, based on a beach party concept, held all over the world. With UV lights everywhere, the customers of this bar will be able to enjoy painting with UV face paint, which brings an unique experience. Numerous entertainment and games can be found all throughout the night, with DJ's playing the greatest music the whole night. Don't fret when the night on the beach is over, because the party doesn't stop there! Free entrance to Candy Club is offered, with guests receiving a free shot at the entrance of the club with many drink promotions there!

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