Bar Amigo

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088 688 8454
Sunny Beach
Main Promenade, 8240 Slanchev Bryag, Sunny Beach
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4.4 of 800 votes
Amigo can be found on the boulevard near Flowerstreet, which makes it easily accessible and centrally located! This 24 hour bar can be recognized right away by its retro striking red illuminated appearance and there are two classic cars parked at the door. Amigo is a cozy and entertaining bar, perfect for bar crawls with your friends, where everyone can enjoy a delicious cocktail and dance under the awesome music of the DJ. Be surprised by one of the flairtenders in Amigo and don't be alarmed if the bar catches fire! That's part of the show! The back of Amigo is right on the beach of the Black Sea, where you can enjoy the sea view and sandy beaches! Enjoy great music and the best party experience at Amigo!

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