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Pulse Fitness & Spa

Phone number:
0700 44 044
Saint Vlas
"Lulin" 4 str., 8256 Saint Vlas

Work time:
Mon-Fri: 7AM - 11 PM Sat-Sun: 9AM-11 PM
Rating by users:
4 of 70 votes
Pulse Fitness & Spa is a gym in Saint Vlas and is the perfect place where you can work out and relax your mind at their spa! Situated on the first line of the beach, you can enjoy a private beach with an open zone for yoga onto the gorgeous sands.Pulse fitness & spa aims to help you towards a positive change in your life, related to health, personal balance and satisfaction when it comes down to finding the perfect work out regime for yourself. This gym is the place where you can remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of every day life and dedicate time to yourself using the various professional work out equipment, wellness procedures, club for weight lifting and strenght exercises, cardio zone, protein and fresh bar, as well as a fitness restaurant and changing rooms available to you at all times, and all this with a view towards the sea! 

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