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Aquapark Nessebar

Phone number:
088 680 8039
AquaPark Nessebar, Ravda, 8238 Nessebar
Rating by users:
4.6 of 1140 votes
Aquapark Nessebar is an attraction in Nessebar, offering you to have the best time during your vacation at their aquapark with the greatest variety of water attractions in Europe! This aquapark has the most modern facilities, providing the necessariy stability and security for you and your family throughout your fun experience. This park has been created in 2006 and since then they have continuously made improvements and expansions, with new attractions and diversifying entertainment. This aqua park aims to feel everyone welcome and have equal fun, no matter of age. Aquapark Nessebar is surrounded by green gardens and beautiful water thrills everywhere you turn, with a wide variety of 40 attractions, among them 24 are water slides, offerin you a unique and unforgettable experience. Some of the most famous slides are the Kamikadze, Space Jam, Tsunami and the Rafting river. You will be surrounded by the beautiful interior of the colourful aqua park, making you forget all your worries and enjoy the thrill of having fun!

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