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Jack's Bar & Restaurant

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Phone number:
088 402 1009
Sunny Beach
Central alley , 8240 Sunny Beach

Work time:
9 AM - 3 AM
Rating by users:
3.4 of 295 votes
Jack's Bar and Restaurant in Sunny Beach is the only British venue open on the main street of the summer resort! This is the place where you will have the ultimate party at night and catch family atmosphere by day.

This restaurant has invited UK chefs, who are offering great quality meals with high quality ingredients. You can enjoy the food in a exciting environment, ideal for a cold drink and beer. The visitors of Jack's can enjoy 12 television screens where you can watch your favorite sport events and TV shows!

One of the great advantages of Jack's Bar & Restaurant is that it is very close to the famous hotels in Sunny Beach. You are there in minutes and have no problems getting back to the hotel. For those who spend the night in more remote places, or in Nessebar - around full of taxis. Just wave or ring.

We are waiting for you near the beach for crazy summer emotions.

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