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Restaurant Marmalad

Italian food
In category:
Phone number:
088 266 9826
Saint Vlas
8256 Saint Vlas

Work time:
Mon-Sun: 9AM - 11 PM
Rating by users:
3.1 of 180 votes
Marmalad is a restaurant in Saint Vlas, situated on the Marina Dinevi yacht port. With its cozy and refreshing interior, it offers a menu filled with pizzas, freshly prepared salads, and a small selection of deliciously prepared meat dishes and grill. In the restaurant you will see a long display, showcasing gorgeous cakes and homemade ice creams prepared on the spot. Guests can enjoy a bright and cheerful atmosphere and for the little ones there is a fun kid's menu. The staff is polite and attentive. The ideal place to visit with your family and friends for a nice dessert and meal at any time of the day!

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