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Restaurant Marionet

International Japanese food
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Phone number:
088 804 4750
Saint Vlas
8256 Saint Vlas
Rating by users:
2.6 of 50 votes
Marionet is a restaurant in Saint Vlas, situated around the outdoor pool of Hotel Palace Marina Dinevi. This restaurant offers a sushi bar with the freshest and best sushi at the yacht port. The interior is cozy and comfortable like in a summer garden, and you are surrounded by olive trees. During the evening, there are colourful garlands with lights strung above the guests, which contributes to the excellent mood and nice experience. You can get comfortable and enjoy the wide selection of cocktails available. The staff there is polite and attentive and ready to recommend you the best meal! Marionet is ideal for boosting your mood and enjoying a nice meal with your friends and family during your vacation.

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