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Restaurant Il Siciliano

Italian food
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Phone number:
087 749 4949
Saint Vlas
8256 Saint Vlas

Work time:
Mon-Sun: 11 AM - 1 AM
Rating by users:
3.6 of 65 votes
Il Siciliano is an authentic Italian restaurant in Saint Vlas, situated on the Marina Dinevi yacht port. You can easily recognise this restaurant as its architecture is shaped like a white boat between the beach and the boats. Guests can enjoy a mixture of a beach club during the day with an entertaining party atmosphere and at night it is a calm and comfortable restaurant for the perfect Italian evening meal. The staff of Il Siciliano is professional, friendly and attentive, with master chef Stefano Steka, born in Rimini, Italy preparing the most delicious Italian meals with care. This is the ideal restaurant to visit if you are looking for both fun and pleasure of dining with your friends and family.

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