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Phone number:
+359 896 123 123
Mesta 5. 8230 Nessebar
Sofia is a guest house in Nessebar. It is located 200 meters away from the beautiful beach of the Black Sea. Guest house Sofia offers modern rooms, furnished with love, including air conditioning, a television with cable TV, a fridge, a balcony, a mini bar and a private bathroom. The guests of Sofia can enjoy a lovely summer garden and restaurant Sofia, where you ca enjoy delicious meals and refreshing drinks, with guests getting 10% off each meal and drink! Guest house Sofia is conveniently located close to the shopping street, the post office, a parking area and a bus stop. Cacao Beach is just a 15 minute walk away from the guest house, where you can have fun! Guest house Sofia is ideal for a pleasant and peaceful vacation for couples and families.
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