What to Visit

Discover attractive tourist destinations in Bulgaria. Find the answer to the question: what interesting places to see? Choose a suitable time of year and go around these places. Bulgaria from end to end is only a few hours by car. Believe us, whatever direction you choose - after a short journey you will discover real wonders.

Bulgaria is a beautiful country. Wherever you stand, your eyes will catch a hill, a forest, a beautiful garden. The whole diversity of nature has covered 111,000 sq. km. Everything is different here. Every stone, every stream, every valley or bush seems to be created exactly for the place it has occupied.

Historic sites and archeological excavations. They are everywhere - from the valley of the Thracian kings and the Thracian mounds, to the beautifully preserved fortress walls of Nessebar and other coastal settlements.

Strandzha - mysterious, as if civilization originated here. BTW this is a legends in which there is truth. Traces of peoples who passed through the ancient forests. The Rose Valley, created by the touch of a divine hand, which distributes grace to the Bulgarians and they are expected very little - to collect the fragrant liquid gold.

The waters of Bulgaria. Rivers and lakes, waterfalls and clear springs - a treasure that is a gift from nature.

Everything is in Bulgaria. Even the people who live here fail to visit all the blessed places.